Kent Fuka

Founder & CEO at Querium

January 27, 2020

Kent was a client of Lawrence’s

Lawrence McDaniel is amazing. We would not have been able to get our latest product built without him. We needed a unique set of skills for our latest product, and Lawrence ticked all of the boxes. Lawrence is extremely easy to work with. No ego. Very collaborative. Great communicator. Tons of varied experience. Great Maturity. He’s willing and able to work long hours, and always seems to have our best interest at heart. He’s always thinking ahead to help create not just what we need immediately but also can help us think about what we will need down the road as we scale. He’s familiar with a broad range of technologies. I always enjoy our interactions. He’s become a key member of our team. I recommend him without reservation to anyone who needs help with a complex open-source web project.